JBA KA Nitro 2.5" Lift Kits

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JBA KA Dodge Nitro 2.5" Lift Kits

JBA Adjust-A-Struts hand built Bilstein coilovers for the Jeep Liberty IFS.

Only Jeepin' By Al offers adjustable coilovers!

Make your Doge Nitro ride like a Mercedes-Benz your

spouse will thank you!

Install a JBA coilover in less then 5 mins, No spring compressor!


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JP Magazine October 2010

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2.5" lift kits for Dodge Nitro 2007 and up

4.0" lift kits for Dodge Nitro 2007 and up


JBA Adjust-A-Strut quick change Coilover system for the Jeep Liberty

owners who want the very best lift kit for their Jeep Liberty!


Only at Jeepin' By AL


Jeep Liberty JBA Adjust-A-Strut System

Stock style strut

JBA Adjust-A-Strut coilover system

The Old Guy

  • Unlimited adjust ability
  • Compact 3.63" dia.
  • The only hand tools needed to services the coilover are 9/16" box wrench, allen wrench and a spanner wrench
  • Add a bumper, just make a few turns on the adjustment ring
  • Add a winch to that bumper make a small adjustment
  • Add skid plates, make a small adjustment with adjustment ring
  • Need more lift?, Oh just a 5 minute adjustment
  • More A-arm clearance and more articulation for off roading
  • Variable coil spring rate, high pressure on compression and low pressure on extension
  • Keepin' it simple!
  • High end racing coilovers, now available for your Jeep Liberty!
  • In a league of their own, on and off road
  • Factory Rebuildable
  • 9" of travel on the front tire 18" side to side articulation
  • Rides like a Mercedes-Benz
  • No adjust ability, buy other parts
  • Big and tight fit 4.50" dia.
  • Buy or rent a spring compressor

Caution Coil Springs Can Keel YOU

  • Add a bumper get a heaver spring
  • Add a winch to that bumper need heaver springs
  • Add skid plates get a heaver spring
  • Installation needs ratchet straps to align strut fork an bushing
  • I need more lift, remove strut and add washer above the strut fork 2-3 hours
  • Coil spring rate is constant, to little on compression and to much on extension
  • Als Gen 5.5 A-arms still hit the springs at max articulation



The Old Guy costing you more time and money with every adjustment!

Get the maximum in flexibility with JBA Adjust-A-Strut quick change Coilover system they grow with your Dodge!

The most economical choice over the life of your Dodge Nitro.

Get the very best for your Jeep Liberty your spouse will thank you!

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You will not find a better lift kit for your Dodge Nitro!