Hood Louver Kit

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  • Fit is Unlimited, WJ, WK, KJ, KK, Wrangler, Rubicon
  • Bare aluminum
  • CNC die-stamped
  • Keeps engine cool
  • Easy installation
  • Kit is 2 aluminun plates with hardware bag
Hood Louver helps keep your engine running cool by promoting airflow through the engine compartment. Many factors can contribute to high under-hood temperatures, which can translate to higher engine coolant temperatures and overheating. Headers, slow speeds, flex fans, and the cramped spaces of the engine compartment can all contribute to increased heat and reduced airflow. This Hood Louver kit frees up airflow through the engine compartment, allowing hot air to escape and cooler air to be drawn in through the radiator, improving cooling of both the engine coolant and under-hood air. Rock-crawlers and slow-moving vehicles are especially susceptible, as slower speeds naturally result in reduced airflow. 4xGuard Hood Louvers are crafted from quality, .090" thick gauge aluminum sheet. They are CNC precision die-stamped. Aluminum makes the hood louver both light weight and corrosion resistant. But its thick enough to add some rigidity to the notoriously thin sheet metal hood. 4xGuard Hood Louvers are fairly easy to install but do require some drilling and cutting of your hood. Stainless steel fasteners are supplied, with instructions for cutting the airflow holes in the hood.
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