JBA Steel Diff for Jeep Liberty

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JBA Dana 30 steel front axle swap for the Jeep Liberty KJ

Only at Jeepin' by Al

Are you in need of a stronger front axle f
or your Jeep Liberty?

Do you love the smooth rider of the IFS?

If you were thinking of a solid front axle swap, I have a better idea, do a JBA steel Dana 30 front axle swap. You can put gears in as low a 4:88 and 36" tires.  Yes, you can keep your stock gear ratio if you have a CRD.

But why would you want to take away the ride quality of the IFS? You say more travel! Did you know with the JBA Adjust-A-Struts, you will get 9" of travel on the IFS!

 Yes, you will need to cut the CVs 1/2" and disconnect the anti sway bar. But 9" of travel is very cool for a IFS with out long arms. Best of all you get to keep the smooth ride!!

 Turn your Jeep Liberty into a mean off road machine and your spouse will still enjoy your Liberty as a daily driver!

 This is a perfect fit bolt in replacement! No cutting and welding! Remove, replace and drive the same day!

 Direct replacement for Part #5066049AB


Testimonial   Jeepin by Al,

 I've put about 1500 miles on the new JBA steel diff and love it. Nothing like having the confidence to try obstacles that I would have thought twice before trying with the old diff. I've put it through its paces, including putting the new front ARB locker. My Liberty climbed everything I tried. I think the toughest test I've put it through is running in full time 4wd up to 70 mph. The new gears ran quiet with no whine, just like the stock diff.


Scott Haggard
Elgin IL


Testimonial   [John Tallant]  I took the Liberty out and wheeled it pretty hard, one time climbing up an obstacle in a way that probably would have blown another D30a. As I lifted a left front tire spinning it with a good bit of momentum and throttle when it came back down with a fair amount of force to a near dead stop. the tire just chirped a bit, grabbed traction and kept going. Testimonial

invest in one today!


 Jeep Liberty Steel Dana 30 front axle

JBA Dana 30 Steel Front Diff IFS


  • Replace aluminum with steel

  • Lower gears 4:56 or 4:88

  • Bigger tires

  • Bigger lift kits

  • Factory CVs or our cut down units

  • Better ride than a SFA

  • No more mall crawling

  • Ground clearance 2" less then half dia of your tire

Gears that fit the Dana 30, 3.07, 3.55, 3.73, 4.11, 4.56, 4.88

Reuse from your Dana 30A:

  • carrier

  • front yoke

  • CVs

  • inter axle shaft

  • factory axle bearings, axle seals and drive shaft

Need new bearing kit and gear set for a Dana 30 short.

invest in one today!

Jeep Liberty Steel Dana 30 front axle

Less expensive then a solid front axle swap.


Fits like a glove solid steel front axle swap

 Install 02-26-2010

Got the CRD in the shop today, and right up till they closed for the weekend (with about an hour's worth of work left to do), everything is going perfect. Got the gears and diff all installed, along with the mounting brackets. The tech doing the install kept saying he was impressed with the engineering and quality of the product, and had everyone in the shop standing around staring while doing the install. Only thing left to do is bolt it all up to the cross-member and attach the driveshaft, cv's, and suspension pieces. Will be done 1st thing Monday morning.

John Tallant