JBA 6.00" KJ Liberty Lift Kit

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JBA Adjust-A-Struts hand built Bilstein coilovers for the Jeep Liberty IFS.

Only Jeepin' By Al offers adjustable coilovers!

Make your Jeep Liberty ride like a Mercedes-Benz -- your spouse will thank you!

Jeep Liberty JBA Adjust-A-Strut System

JBA Adjust-A-Strut coilover system

  • Unlimited adjust ability
  • Compact 3.63" dia.
  • The only hand tools needed to service the coilover are 9/16" box wrench, allen wrench, and a spanner wrench
  • Add a bumper, just make a few turns on the adjustment ring
  • Add a winch to that bumper make a small adjustment
  • Add skid plates, make a small adjustment with adjustment ring
  • Need more lift? Oh, just a 5 minute adjustment
  • More A-arm clearance and more articulation for off roading
  • Variable coil spring rate, high pressure on compression and low pressure on extension
  • Keepin' it simple!
  • High end racing coilovers, now available for your Jeep Liberty!
  • In a league of their own, on and off road
  • Factory Rebuildable
  • 9" of travel on the front tire 18" side to side articulation
  • Rides like a Mercedes-Benz
Stock style strut

The Old Guy

  • No adjustability, buy other parts
  • Big and tight fit 4.50" dia.
  • Buy or rent a spring compressor
  • Add a bumper get a heaver spring
  • Add a winch to that bumper need heaver springs
  • Add skid plates get a heaver spring
  • Installation needs ratchet straps to align strut fork an bushing
  • I need more lift, remove strut and add washer above the strut fork 2-3 hours
  • Coil spring rate is constant, to little on compression and to much on extension
  • Als Gen 5.5 A-arms still hit the springs at max articulation

Get the maximum in flexibility with JBA Adjust-A-Strut quick change Coilover system they grow with your Jeep!

The most economical choice over the life of your Jeep Liberty.

The Old Guy -- costing you more time and money with every adjustment!

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Install a JBA coilover in less than 5 mins. No spring compressor!
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Bilstein Offroad Technical Specifications

2" Seamless extruded tube conventional
Centerless Ground, Case hardened, Chromed, and Super Polished
Aluminum 1 Piece / Rod Guide
46mm Bilstein Racing Piston
"Self Adjusting" deflective disc independent rebound & compression
Billstein fade resistant high temperature racing oil
Rod End
1/2" teflon uniball w/ eye ring
Electroless nickel -- Factory Rebuildable
Coilover Hardware
2 1/2"

See our article in JP Magazine October 2010

JBA Adjust-A-Strut quick change Coilover system for the Jeep Liberty owners who want the very best lift kit for their Jeep Liberty!

Only at Jeepin' by AL